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About Us

Cheshire Media Co. is a business built around small businesses.  We have a passion for delivering a flawless product to each and every one of our clients tailored to their unique needs.


Our services range from Photography, Videography, Web Development, Social Media Management, and more. Our team has an individualized approach to each client, from the first interaction to delivering the final product.


From shooting portraits to capturing the best images of your business’ product we will be right there with you each step of the way.



Jake is our Lead Creative Director. He has been dabbling in photography for over 10 years after falling in love with capturing memories with a camera when he was 15. Since then he has received his Degree in Graphic and Interactive Design from Mount Wachusett Community College. While at school he also studied Web Design, Motion Graphics and Video Production.

Jake is a certified perfectionist and isn't satisfied until projects are up to his standards and meet the standard of his clients.



Nick has been passionate about photography since his first introduction to it through a family friend who specialized in wildlife photography. He loved the idea of capturing something in a photo that looked almost better than it does in person. Nick handles majority of the communication with clients from first contact to delivering the final product. He loves getting to know the people he works with, whether that is a brand or a bride/groom. Building new connections is the first thing on his mind when someone reaches out to Cheshire Media Company. 

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